Eliminate Chargebacks with PayMyTab

money-card-business-credit-card-50987.jpgPinnacle has always striven to create partnerships that will benefit our customers most of all. That’s why we get to offer such fantastic services and products! Technology is always moving forward, so we’re constantly seeking new and better solutions for the hospitality industry. One area that has been growing for some time is the use of smartphones and applications to process customer payments. With the arrival of chip cards, it’s time to offer new solutions to handle the new issues.

PayMyTab is a mobile application that lets you quickly and securely process customers payments at their tables. Not only does the program fully integrate with our other POS systems, it’s also very easy to set up and use. Most importantly, it addresses the problem of EMV chargebacks and liability. You no longer need to worry about processing chip cards correctly – PayMyTab handles all of that directly with the card holder. By having Pinnacle install a new professional payment system, you ensure that the banks are once again responsible for fraud liability.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be watchful. It’s very important that your staff be fully trained in identifying counterfeit cards and handling payments. We offer training and online resources for all our customers. We want you and your staff to have the best tools and training to face payment and technological developments. Interested? Quickly schedule a demo of PayMyTab!

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