Feature-Rich POS System from Calypso

We've all been there - the hassle, the noise, the miscommunications that come with a day in the life of a hospitality worker. As restaurant and bar managers, its important to bring in an easy-to-use POS system to bring some order to all of the mess. Even when you run a good, organized ship, there will always be ways that you can improve procedures for smoother sailing. Pinnacle works closely with Calypso to provide a state of the art POS system. It has simple, but effective software to assist your business with:

  • order processing & routing
  • payment processing
  • payroll
  • time management
  • scales/weighing food products
  • kitchen communications
  • asset security & surveillance
  • and more!

Pinnacle can advise you on the best ways to integrate your existing and planned systems with the Calpyso POS system, for optimal results. We know you need to get back to work, so we won't keep you long. Let our experienced representatives briefly outline the benefits, system requirements, and many features included with this software.

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