Hospitality Systems for Businesses Small and Large


At first glance, you might not see what a football stadium, coffee shop, bar, country club, and hotel all have in common. These different industries can all benefit from our wide range of Hospitality Systems! Our solutions can be used to link the many food stands at a stadium or charge a membership account at a country club. You can save the favorite orders of coffee shop regulars for fast ordering, print out detailed drink recipes at the bar, and easy bill orders to a hotel room. We can even integrate your new system into an existing accounting, inventory, and resource management system.

Whether your business is large or small, our solutions can be adapted to fit your specific needs. Franchises and multiple location businesses can even link the different sites using our cloud computing solutions, with or without an external wireless connection. Smaller hospitality facilities can also benefit from this, thanks to the security and data backup that our cloud solutions provide.

Each of our local representatives are experienced in assessing your business point of sales, accounting, inventory, ordering and quick service processes. They can match you up with the best combination of solutions to manage your business.

We've provided an overview of how our PosiTouch and Dinerware solutions can benefit different hospitality industries. Be sure to contact us directly with any questions – we're here to help!

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