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How the Right Mobile POS Will Benefit Your Customer Service

  • February 10, 2021

Now more than ever, it’s important for restaurants to keep their businesses running and being able to serve their customers while keeping them, and their staff, safe. With that, improvements in restaurant technology have made it easier for restaurants to operate safely and efficiently through mobile tools and services.

More recent innovations to mobile tools allow business owners to keep their operations running smoothly, while creating opportunities to increase their marketing reach and protect their online reputation.


Increase operational efficiencies

It’s probably quite clear that being more flexible in the way your restaurant operates – from taking orders to completing payment transactions – will all help to increase overall operational efficiencies. Your waitstaff is able to move from one table to the next without the need to walk back and forth between the table and a traditional countertop POS station. Fewer steps mean your servers are able to tend to each party’s needs more quickly, effectively giving your customers a better dining experience.

What’s more, the increased attentiveness will certainly make for happier customers while they’re dining but also for those still waiting for a table. For diners eager to grab a table at your restaurant, the increased efficiencies your team offers by using these new technologies means they won’t have to wait as long to be seated. The boost in mobility will increase a restaurant’s covers and thereby increase overall sales. A win-win.


Build marketing programs

But why stop there? Continue to delight your guests after they’ve left by creating effective, intelligent marketing campaigns tailored to their preferences, that will keep them coming back to visit your establishment. A good mobile solution will do some of the work for you by collecting your guests’ information, effectively building a database for you to use to target your guests through online marketing efforts.

A solid database of your guests’ contact information can be invaluable for designing marketing campaigns and customer loyalty programs that will grow your customer base and increase the likelihood that first-time guests will soon become regular patrons. This can be as simple as collecting your guests’ email addresses to store for future use.

More feature-rich mobile devices will capture a guest’s email address for you when they pay for their check. You may have even seen this for yourself. Upon paying for their meal, guests will be prompted by the mobile device to choose how they would prefer to receive the receipt – printed or emailed. If the guest selects email, the address they enter will be stored in your database to then use when creating your email marketing campaigns. It’s that simple.


Improve online reputation

One bad experience can easily escalate into a negative online review, that can negatively impact your restaurant’s reputation. As more and more consumers look to online reviews when making dining decisions, it’s important that what’s being said online about your business is accurate. Don’t let a customer leave angry – get in front of any concerns before the guest leaves your restaurant and turns to online review sites to leave negative feedback.

Some mobile POS devices are equipped with software that will prompt your guests to complete an instant survey upon paying their check. When a customer responds to these questions with low ratings, you and your management team can be alerted instantly, and speak with the guest to amend the situation, leaving your guest with a more pleasant experience.


Overall, mobile technology serves to improve your guests’ experience by increasing your team’s efficiencies, sharing information with your customers, and turning any potential mishaps into positive interactions. There are many options available in today’s marketplace, but the right mobile POS will have a positive impact on your guests, your team, and your business.


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