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Maddox Ranch House - A Farm to Table Family Tradition

  • September 14, 2018

Maddox Ranch HouseIt is not every day that you find a destination quite like the Maddox Ranch House. This impressive site is the home to a family-run restaurant, drive-in, take-out cabin and banquet hall nestled in Perry, Utah, and is owned and operated by the Maddox family.

Though its current Perry, Utah, location was established in August 1949, Maddox Ranch House got its official start back in 1943, when Irvin B. Maddox traded in his jobs as a cab driver and supply officer to open the Maddox Kwik-Lunch – a 7-stool counter-service lunch spot in Brigham City. In 1947, Maddox and his wife, Wilma, opened the Double J in Ogden. The couple grew tired of the daily commute, so they looked at a piece of property in Perry to house a new location. Because some may have thought the idea of a restaurant in the “middle of nowhere” was crazy, they constructed a very small log-cabin style building on skids so it could be towed away if it didn’t work out. Today, Maddox Ranch House still sits on its original location.

POSitouch at Maddox Ranch HouseFrom the beginning, Maddox was a stickler for quality, always wanting the best.  For many years he raised purebred cattle, which led to the creation of a state-of-the-art feedlot. Maddox received national attention for his progressive animal husbandry, including his all-natural feeding program and his unmatched ability to raise, feed, age, and cook what he referred to as “the world’s finest beef.” 

This passion for quality lives on today and is evident in the day-to-day operations throughout the establishment. The Maddox Ranch House has a taste and style all its own. The menu now includes many new and innovative items, and they still raise some of their own beef which are fed the original all-natural formula Mr. Maddox created. In recent years, the menu has featured bison options – America’s original red meat – that cater to customers who want a great-tasting steak with less fat.

Some of their staple menu items include Famous Fried Chicken, Turkey Steak, Unique Shrimp Steak, Sautéed Ground Bison and their made-from-scratch World Famous Rolls served with Raspberry Honeybutter.

Maddox Ranch House Dining Maddox Ranch House will typically serve upwards of 3,000 meals each day and is now run by the very capable children and grandchildren of Mr. Maddox and his wife. The family – including the loyal and hard-working staff who have become like family – are still dedicated to providing their customers with the best dining experience.

So, if you are driving on Highway 89 in Perry, Utah, look for the revolving neon crown sign to lead you to Maddox Ranch House, and try “Utah’s Original Steakhouse.”

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems recently had the pleasure of working with the team at the Maddox Ranch House to implement POSitouch, a strategic point of sale system to improve daily operations, and learned about the rich history of “Utah’s Original Steakhouse.” Welcome to the Pinnacle Family!


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