Pittsburgh Meet Your Rep - Shelby Repko

We welcome Shelby Repko, our restaurant technology consultant for the Pittsburgh area. Shelby has many years of restaurant management experience and is ready to help her clients maximize their profits with our technology solutions. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, contact Shelby to take a look at your current POS setup and she will help you choose a solution that will benefit your business and improve your bottom line.


Top Ten Reasons Why Restaurants Switch to Pinnacle

  • 1. Local real-time 24/7support
  • 2. Affordable support contracts
  • 3. Eliminate credit card charge backs
  • 4. Save money on credit card processing fees
  • 5. Utilize tools & systems to help reduce food costs
  • 6. Schedule and time clock enforcement reduces labor costs
  • 7. Keep guests returning with loyalty & rewards programs
  • 8. Text and email your guests to make them raving fans
  • 9. Make your Wi-Fi a marketing tool
  • 10. We’ll even buy your old terminals


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