What Point of Sale Device is Right for Your Business

Point of Sale Merchant Using a POS System What is a POS device

Courtesy of| written by Mike Monocello

In general terms, the definition of a point of sale device is a piece of hardware (and in some cases, software) that enables merchants to carry out transactions. It facilitates business owners to accept multiple tender types such as cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets.

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How to Spot Employee Theft

Industry studies have shown that employee theft accounts for roughly 4% of a restaurant’s annual sales. While that may not seem like a large...

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Niche Market? We've Got You Covered!

Here at Pinnacle we recognize that your business is unique. That is why we have different products to suit your needs, and the expertise to implement...

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Guest Reservation and Waitlist

Reservations, waitlist, and guest management just got real easy. With POSeReserve widget, you can add a simple reservation form on your website. You can...

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