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Pedro Flaquer, Sales Rep

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Hello my name is Pedro Flaquer. I am a restaurant technology consultant with Pinnacle Hospitality Systems. I've been involved with point-of-sale systems for 14 years now seven of which have been with Pinnacle. I cover the area of East Orlando and the coast from Daytona to Palm Bay. I look forward to meeting with you and finding out ways of how we can protect your bottom line but also increase your profits with our different solutions. Thank you for your time.

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Mark Follett, Owner Amigo's Original Tex Mex - Orlando, Florida

My experience with training employees on a Pinnacle system has been just a piece of cake simple…The employees adapt to it so quickly there is not a lot of training involved. I would definitely recommend Pinnacle to a new restaurant in the area because of its simplicity. I’ve been in this business for thirty years and always go back to the Pinnacle system--which is simple and effective…The tools that Pinnacle offers with their system just make it easy for me to spend time touching tables and be in the middle of the business instead of in the office.

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