calypso-pos-review-207x300Do you need a POS system that delivers top-level performance without breaking your budget? You came to the right place! Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ powerful Calypso point of sale system is the most affordable restaurant POS on the market, delivering full-featured performance at a reasonable price. As thousands of savvy restaurateurs have discovered, while Calypso is a favorite of yogurt shops, coffee shops, delis, and pizza delivery restaurants, this versatile POS makes running all kinds of hospitality businesses a breeze. Come explore some of the key features Pinnacle’s outstanding point of sale system has to offer in our Calypso POS Review:

Reliability If your POS system stops working, you stop making money! Calypso’s POS ensures you stay open for business by operating without Windows, so you never have to worry about hackers, viruses, or glitches. In addition to eliminating a major point of vulnerability, Calypso’s ability to run in a “Windows-free” environment releases you from the need for frequent and costly upgrades.

Affordability Calypso’s restaurant POS is easy on your pocket, protecting your bottom line with:

  • A low initial investment that helps you keep your start-up costs on budget
  • Integrated credit/debit and gift card processing that eliminates the need for additional processing equipment
  • Straight forward, easy to use software that requires only minimal training time

Flexibility The flexible order routing to kitchen and bar prep areas that Calypso POS offers increases order accuracy and speed. Your staff will be able to process more orders and increase customer satisfaction through:

  • The ability to Send / Stay, Hold, and perform “On the Fly” ordering
  • Custom kitchen messages that improve communication and increase accuracy
  • Eliminating unnecessary trips to the kitchen to relay information, so servers can devote more time and attention to your customers

Payroll and Time Management Functionality The highest expense most hospitality businesses face is payroll. Calypso’s point of sale software decreases that expenditure, trimming it down to manageable size by helping you to:

  • Reduce the time and effort spent assigning and adjusting employee schedules
  • Keep track of employee time and attendance
  • Manage and adjust punch times and tip reporting
  • Track tip vs. sales for better payroll management
  • Use accurate schedule tracking to lower overtime costs

Integrated Scales Calypso POS systems have integrated TARE weighted scales that accurately weigh and price your frozen yogurt, deli meats or salad bar items. Calypso’s integrated POS scales automatically subtract the weight of the container and are easily programmed to accommodate different sizes.

Barcode Scanning When your cashiers can scan barcodes on your customers’ purchases, transactions are easier, faster, and more accurate. Calypso’s point of sale software offers product or deli scale generated UPC scanning to eliminate errors.

Loss and Theft Protection Hospitality businesses are particularly vulnerable to theft, not only from customers but also from their own employees. Pinnacle’s loss prevention solution helps you maintain your profitability with a DVS system that seamlessly integrates with Calypso’s restaurant POS to allow you to:

  • Keep an eye on your establishment from anywhere you can access the internet, via your smart phone, tablet, or computer
  • Protect your business with solid surveillance of your establishment, assets and patrons
  • Search and review actual order data with video
  • Verify transactions and eliminate employee theft

Keep your budget under control – and your business firmly in hand – with Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ versatile Calypso POS system. In addition to having all the features listed above, Calypso point of sale systems also can be used with the SunDrop Mobile platform for social media marketing, and have built-in QuickBooks integration. Contact Pinnacle today at 800-771-7100 to discover just how affordable a powerful POS system can be!