Pinnacle Hospitality Systems specializes in streamlining and managing business operations for the hospitality industry.  Specializing in superior restaurant POS systems and digital surveillance technology, Pinnacle provides industry solutions.  It is for this reason that Pinnacle provides only the best products and services tailored for hospitality based operations.  J2 Systemsprovided by Pinnacle offer the following superior point of sale products:

• Fully integrated touch screen Personal Computers for the ultimate touch screen experience and ease of use
• Compact, fully functional EPoS Personal Computers designed to fit under the counter or on top of your cash drawer
• An aesthetically pleasing yet rugged LCD touch screen monitor to replace your outdated Cash Register Terminals

You may be asking yourself what sets J2 apart from the competition.  J2 products are designed to withstand the environmental abuse that is common in the hospitality industry.  Restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and others who use J2 systems appreciate how the systems are durable enough to withstand the high volume of use.  They also appreciate updating and upgrading away from outdated cash register terminals and the problems they create.  J2 Systems solves the problems outdated technology only creates.  Each J2 product has years of dedicated research and development behind it, ensuring its success-J2 products are engineered to last.

To learn more about J2 Systems, products and services, contact Pinnacle Hospitality Systems today or visit http://www.pinnaclehs.com!