Frazzled holiday shoppers everywhere are fighting crowds in the search for the perfect gift. Come to their rescue! Offer gift cards at your restaurant and take the hassle out of gift giving, but make sure to have the right POS for restaurant gift card service one the customer arrives to redeem it. Once looked upon as impersonal, restaurant gift cards have been growing in popularity as holiday gifts among recipients and gifters alike. According to National Restaurant Association research, more than half (59 percent) of consumers last year were hoping to find a restaurant gift card under their tree, and more are expected to be looking this year. Gift givers appreciate the chance to provide family and friends with an experience rather than a material object.

The National Restaurant Association’s survey of 1,006 American adults revealed that
Americans of all age groups are equally likely to desire a restaurant gift card. One of the reasons today’s consumers enjoy the gift cards is they give recipients the flexibility to use them at a time of their choosing.
Of the respondents who have restaurant gift cards on their wish lists, 44 percent said they would use a gift card within a few weeks; 43 percent would save it for a special occasion; and 12 percent would use it as soon as possible. Restaurants across the country are stepping up to offer gift cards to their customers, many driving sales with promotions that give the purchasers a bonus such as a complementary $5 gift card with the purchase of a $25 card

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