POSitouch POS Barcode Scanning

positouch-pos-barcode-scanning-300x292In the not-so-distant past, the only businesses that made extensive use of bar codes were retail outlets such as grocery stores and clothing shops. Today bar codes are found in businesses of all types, assisting owners in a variety of tasks including inventory, document, and package tracking. Restaurants and bars are the latest businesses to join the trend, as owners discover the many ways bar code scanning can improve the speed and accuracy of service at their establishments. The following guide explains exactly what a bar code is and how it can be used with Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS system to enhance service at your restaurant.

What is a bar code?
A bar code is a way of encoding numbers and letters by using a combination of bars and spaces of varying widths. A barcode does not actually contain any descriptive information; rather, it is a 12-digit reference number that can be read by an optical machine known as a barcode scanner. When read by a barcode scanner, the reference number directs a point of sale system to look up an associated record that contains descriptive data and other vital information, such as product name, type, and price.

How can POSitouch POS Barcode Scanning help my restaurant?
When teamed with Pinnacle’s powerful POSitouch POS system, barcode scanning can improve service in food service establishments in several ways. The benefits your restaurant will realize from using POSitouch POS barcode scanning depends on the specific operational environment in your restaurant:

  • POSitouch POS Barcode Scanning in a Cashier Environment
    If your restaurant uses cashiers to collect payment from customers, barcode scanning can improve the speed and efficiency of checkouts. Your servers put bar codes directly on the checks before giving them to customers. When the customer gives the check to the cashier, the cashier simply scans the bar code and the entire check is immediately pulled up in your POSitouch restaurant POS system.Barcode scanning is perfect for restaurants that offer retail items for sale, such as bottles of wine or jars of a signature Hot Sauce. When your cashier scans the barcode on an item, Pinnacle’s POSitouch restaurant POS software instantly looks up the price and displays it on-screen. The transaction is automatically entered into your POSitouch point of sale system, allowing you to easily track sales and calculate the profitability of each item you offer.
  • POSitouch POS Barcode Scanning in a Deli Environment
    When you add barcode scanning to Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS for Delis, you discover just how convenient a completely integrated POS system can be. As you weigh your customer’s deli meat, salad, etc. on Pinnacle’s integrated POS scale, it prints out a barcode sticker for you to affix to the container. Your cashier simply scans the barcode and the proper item name, weight, and price are instantly entered into your point of sale system.

Teaming Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS system with barcode scanning capabilities is an easy way to improve the speed and accuracy of operations at your restaurant. Pinnacle’s experienced representatives can customize a barcode scanning option that fits your particular needs, pairing it with our POSitouch POS system custom-tailored with the exact features you require. Pinnacle has turnkey POSitouch POS solutions for virtually every type of hospitality business. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 to discover more ways Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS can improve operations at your restaurant!