In order for restaurants, bars and other businesses in the hospitality industry to maintain control of profits and losses, streamlining of operations and creating as much automation as possible are important practices to incorporate.

Regardless of the type of hospitality business you manage, restaurant Point Of Sale products are available through POSitouch POS for chain, corporate or independent businesses.  With years of firsthand research and experience working in hospitality, designers created this modifiable system that can fit your business model and can be specifically tailored to fit your business needs.

Taking control of your inventory is one of the many restaurant loss prevention measure available with POSitouch software.  In addition to the inventory control module, reporting and tracking modules are available as well, creating a POSitouch Point of Sale System perfect for your business.  By tracking item movement and transactions, the reporting module helps you see profits and losses in hard numbers, and creates specialized reports.  POSitouch inventory module allows management to track supplier information and generate purchase orders.  Orders that are incoming or outgoing will automatically record to the system on POSitouch restaurant POS systems.

Management can further personalize their restaurant POS system with add-on modules.  Table orders can be viewed in real time by using the Dining  Room Management module.  Management can configure the restaurant’s layout on the touch screen, and updates on each table may be viewed by the simple touch of the screen. Keeping management aware of all table orders helps increase bottom line profits and quality customer service.

POSitouch restaurant POS software keeps management aware of all aspects of their business, from customer service to restaurant loss prevention issues.   Manager alerts go off anytime a red-flag action is taken by employees on the system, including deleted transactions, no-sales, voids, cost adjustments and more.