What is your favorite food truck menu item?  Food truck operators must combine the need for carry and go foods and the desire to stand out from their competitors.  High end condiments or flavorings are being used to dress up basic dishes and give food that twist customers are looking for.  The research firm, Datassential surveyed food truck menus and found that sandwiches were most listed on these menus followed closely by Mexican items.

Mexican food ranked high mostly because food trucks have combined Mexican entrées, such as tacos, with other food and cuisine types to create portable versions for consumers. The ease of holding and eating a taco lends itself as a vessel for nontraditional Mexican meats. Such as the Korean barbecue tacos served by the Kogi BBQ truck based out of Los Angeles.

Food trucks are putting a twist to the standard portable items such as hot dogs, sausages, burgers and fries with high end protein and toppings.  Sausages may be made with lamb, curried chicken and duck.  Burgers are topped with bacon-tomato jam and macaroni and cheese. The use of ethnic ingredients and flavors not typically found in restaurant chains are making food trucks a gourmet option.

Like fine-dining chefs, food truck operators are thinking about everything they put on their menus.  Food truck menus usually carry 10-11 entrees and 5-6 sides. With the limited space they have everything needs to be a standout and differentiated from their competition.  Condiments are an essential part of the menu, rather than an afterthought.  Pineapple-mango salsa or a peach-mint sauce can transform an ordinary item to something exciting and sophisticated.  Fries are not just seasoned but are duck fat-garlic fries and gourmet cheese fries.

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