As a valuable solution for theft and profit losses within a hospitality business, restaurant owners have the power to supplement their business operations using POS systems with digital surveillance.

This combination creates a strong defense to prevent theft and false discrimination claims from customers, as well as losses from employee theft, which are common events in the hospitality industry. With the integration of restaurant surveillancewith your restaurant POS system, high-quality digital surveillance provides video proof as defense against false accusations.

Because hospitality business tend to be a large target for false claims from clients and customers, POS systems and restaurant surveillance are designed to protect the fast-paced hospitality world against false charges of discrimination or other accusations.

These claims were once expensive lawsuits that were difficult to defend, but now monitoring is available with POSitouchrestaurant POS systems.  POSitouch restaurant point-of-sale systems provides the highest security measures for bars, restaurants, and other businesses in the hospitality industry, and their value provides a quick return on investment.

Customer satisfaction helps retain business. Consistency and the utilization of a superior loss prevention strategy allows your club, restaurant or bar to surpass its competition in profits and customer experience.

As a leading provider for POS systems in Alabama and Florida, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems installs restaurant POS systemsand trains hospitality professionals how to use this simple solution to help streamline restaurant operations and prevent against loss.

These systems are perfect for hospitality businesses of all sizes, whether it’s for a small independently-operated restaurant or a large chain of corporate-owned restaurants.  POS restaurant software monitors all activities, accounting for all daily restaurant transactions as they occur.