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Pinnacle Hospitality Systems focuses on providing tools for the hospitality industry that will perform to drastically increase efficiency and profits. Pinnacle provides detailed reports on where you will save the most money and what tools can get you to your goals-because at Pinnacle we do not expect you to buy anything until we show you how you are going to pay for it. The tools we provide are to transform hospitality based businesses from disconnected and unorganized operations into integrated, connected and organized businesses that succeed.

A restaurant or other hospitality business is disconnected when all of the products it utilizes in attempts to organize its daily business transactions are separate for the most part. When the products that are designed to improve the functionality of your business are all separate moving parts, naturally there are going to be compatibility issues and other time consuming irritating snags that inhibit the productivity and growth of your business. No one wants to spend loads of time and money working for the products that should be working for them!

For this reason Pinnacle Hospitality Systems streamlines your daily business transactions for you through the latest methods available in hospitality industry integrated products and services. Our products integrate seamlessly to ensure the success of your business operations.

With iControl, management receives special management alerts for things such as voids, comps, discounts, and so forth to pinpoint precisely where losses are coming from and to implement employee accountability. Products include ADP seamless payroll interfacing, advanced time clock options, schedule enforcement, labor management, and a variety of accounting interface features.

The iControl point of sale integration feature allows you to interface your POSitouch point of sale technology with the following accounting systems/modules:

  • Great Plains payables and sales
  • Cyma payables, sales and account receivables
  • Solomon payables and sales
  • Quick Books payables and sales
  • Peachtree payables and sales

iControl POS integration features include:

  • Integration of your POSitouch sales and payables data and imported directly into to your accounting package for a seamless series of transactions all rolled into one.
  • The interface validates the data to make sure vendors exist, there is not a duplication of data, account numbers match and other efficient error eliminators
  • Easy to use, seamless integration

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