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Hi, my name is Jorge Garcia, I am originally from Colombia. I am a restaurant technology consultant for Pinnacle Hospitality Systems. I've been in sales for 20 years and the last five years I was in the hospitality business. I cover the Miami-Dade area. My goal is to help you protect your profits and minimize the losses of your business with our technology tools.

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Sean McMullough - Director of Operations Salumeria - Miami, FL

Pay My Tab has definitely improved the speed of service. The servers now bring everything to the table at one go. Before we used to have to gather multiple credit cards and bring it back to the POS, print the checks, the servers got distracted coming back to the table. So that time period between getting the check and closing the check has definitely decreased……The fact that the signatures, the receipts are stored online allows my office who generally handles the charge backs to find receipts faster and respond to whatever charge back may be out there.

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