Cristina Almeida, Sales Rep

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Hi, my name is Christina Almeida. I am a Restaurant Technology Consultant with Pinnacle Hospitality Systems and I cover the Miami-Dade area. I have been in sales eight years and during my experience the most important fact I've learned is that we need to understand our clients, their needs and how can I help them achieve their goals. At Pinnacle we focus on increasing your net income by providing controls the help protect your overall profits. Please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to help you.


Alexa Gualtieri - Floor and Event Manager Casa Tua Cucina - Miami, FL

“We've been really happy with the POSitouch system. It's really fast, easy, and simple. The training was amazing; they really took care of us! Pinnacle came here the whole day to show us everything about POSitouch and answer every question we had.”

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