nightclub-pos-system-reviews-300x190Are you looking for point of sale software that can handle even the busiest times at your nightclub with ease? As a nightclub owner or manager, you are faced with a unique set of challenges. You need a POS system that is efficient enough to keep service swift and accurate during the weekend rush, versatile enough to handle happy hours and specials with ease, and full-featured enough to put you in complete control of every aspect of your business. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems rises to the challenge with two turnkey solutions specifically for nightclubs: Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS and Dinerware POS! The following nightclub POS system reviews will help you decide which Pinnacle POS is right for you:

For nightclub owners seeking ultimate in nightclub management software, Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS for nightclubs ensures your bartenders serve up drinks faster and more accurately than ever before, with left- or right-handed screens that display rolling minimum birth date for required drinking age and up to 55 menu items on a single screen – the most in the industry! Like items can be automatically grouped together, giving your bartenders a quick count of items on the check, and priority printing of items can print frozen drink orders first to keep service swift.

Tabs can be started by the swipe of a customer’s credit card; your customer’s name is listed on the tab to help your servers provide customer service with a personal touch, and servers can cash out multiple checks at once, to make sure even large parties enjoy fast checkouts. Pinnacle’s touchscreens come complete with your choice of multiple size and color touch points, optional bitmap pictures for icon placements, and can display or print out detailed drink recipes so your bartenders can easily serve up any request.

Protect your establishment from losses due to employee theft with Pinnacle’s POSitouch nightclub point of sale software, featuring cash register security that permits a draw to be opened by only a limited set of functions. To minimize exposure, switching cash drawers at shift changes takes just seconds, and a video record of all open cash drawer activities, including No Sale, allows you to monitor and track any losses.

With Pinnacle’s Dinerware nightclub POS, you get affordably priced software for your nightclub that keeps service swift with its unique List View that lets your servers easily take pre-orders. Tickets can easily be split to accept multiple payments quickly, and for the swiftest service, servers can checkout to cash in just two touches, the fastest in the industry! Servers and bartenders choose their own unique name for each ticket, a useful memory tool for busy weekend evenings when your nightclub is packed with thirsty revelers rotating from table to bar to dance floor. Servers can even order a round of drinks for everyone at the table with just a few touches.

Running Happy Hour specials is a breeze with Dinerware, which lets you add and modify menu items on the fly, with changes taking place instantly without a need to restart the system. Pinnacle’s Dinerware is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn. Whether you have a single bar at your nightclub or indoor and outdoor bars to manage, Pinnacle’s Dinerware nightclub POS software can easily handle all operations without any confusion or crossed orders.

Whether POSitouch POS or Dinerware POS is the best fit for your needs, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ versatile nightclub POS systems will help your establishment run more efficiently and profitably. They will put you firmly in control of your business with a host of additional features, including robust reporting features, integrated credit/debit/gift card processing, and built-in QuickBooks integration. Contact Pinnacle today at 800-771-7100 to discover just how successful your nightclub can be!