John Tatone - Pensacola Sales Rep

John Tatone 

Restaurant Technology Consultant

Call Me: 850-232-1127
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Hi, I'm John Tatone and I'm a Restaurant Technology Consultant with Pinnacle Hospitality. I service the Panhandle and lower Alabama. I started with Pinnacle in January, 2017. I have operational experience in single unit, multiple unit, and bar and night club, and full-service restaurant as well as event planning that spans over the course of 20 years. My goal is to work with you and build a framework around your business that ultimately will make your business more profitable. You can reach me at area code 850-232-1127 or send me an email at

Maricarmen Josephs – Owner Carmen’s Lunch Bar - Pensacola, Florida

When we opened, we decided to go with Dinerware point of sale system. Since then we’ve been really happy with our decision to both choose to work with Pinnacle Hospitality and to use the Dinerware system. The system is very user friendly – very easy to use, therefore training new employees is a cinch. Dinerware also provides me with all of the detailed and accurate sales reports that I need to better run my business and make it more profitable.

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