Shelby Repko

Shelby Repko 
Restaurant Technology Consultant

Call Me: 412-639-9704
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Hello my name is Shelby and I am a restaurant technology consultant for Pinnacle Hospitality Systems. I cover the Pittsburgh area and also the surrounding areas. I've managed in restaurants for many years and also have a background in the sales industry.My goal is to help you learn your business, and help improve your bottom line and also find a POS system that fits your restaurant's needs. I look forward to meeting you.
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Felicia Pawlik – Marketing Representative Valley Dairy Restaurants - 11 Locations in Pennsylvania

We chose a POSitouch system for all eleven of our units because of the simplicity of the key features including labor scheduling, time and attendance and a quick menu. Pinnacle exceeded our expectations, when one of our units experienced a hard drive failure and we were able to call their emergency call service as soon as possible and they got us up and running in no time. I would recommend Pinnacle to other restaurants because of the ease of use, friendly service and support staff.

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