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Hi, I'm Derek Rasmussen, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems. I work as a Senior Account Rep for the Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and Sarasota market. I've been with Pinnacle since early 2015 and prior to my arriving with Pinnacle, I was a restaurant owner, similar to yourself from '99 to about 2010. A few different concepts, anywhere from easy pizzerias all the way up to sports bars. My goal is to understand your business a little bit better so we can help you make better decisions and create some better results and ultimately, protect your profits. I'm looking forward to working with you. You can reach me on my cell which is 813-727-1091, or you can also email me at
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Felicia Pawlik – Marketing Representative Valley Dairy Restaurants - 11 Locations in Pennsylvania

We chose a POSitouch system for all eleven of our units because of the simplicity of the key features including labor scheduling, time and attendance and a quick menu. Pinnacle exceeded our expectations, when one of our units experienced a hard drive failure and we were able to call their emergency call service as soon as possible and they got us up and running in no time. I would recommend Pinnacle to other restaurants because of the ease of use, friendly service and support staff.

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