Point of Sale POS Systems a new generation of  business software solution for managing restaurants businesses!
POS for Restaurant Systems -It is the smart solution for your business, starting with taking orders from clients and ending with generating billing and tax reports. The system is cautiously optimized for high pace input of a customer order to avoid common mistakes. Restaurant POS Systems is designed to be use on multiple workstations, and contains reliable and safe levels of authorization.

Statements for clients can be customized and the program can be configured for any exchange rate, taxes and tips. Payments can be accepted in cash, credit cards or checks. For administrators, there is a range of reports that show a complete picture of restaurant operations and life cycles: menu consumption, reservation frequency, hours of high load, more tables occupied, most active employees, payment methods and automatic tax calculations.

By regulating the entire process of administration of the restaurant,the restaurant pos system software radically improves the speed of service. Restaurant POS Systems can be a very easy system to use and it can be a very helpful tool for small family restaurants to large chains.

If you are looking or need to improve your customer service? Or just simply want to improve your profitability? You’re in the right place!Whether you’re looking to implement a total management solution from the POS-point of sale and inventory or just need a better replacement to those out of date cash registers, Pinnaclehs have the restaurant POS Systems solution you are looking for that will help you complete your project and support your needs.

Pinnaclehs offers the leading POS system software solution and our experience in this field will help you succeed with your business. You compare features and price with other packages available in the restaurant market, you will be satisfied with the affordability, ease of use, system stability and range of features that our software solution provides. Contact us today for more information about restaurant POS Systems.