POSitouch is well known for their quick service and casual dining solutions, but did you know Pinnacle offers solutions for fine dining as well?

The environment and operations unique to fine dining require special attention to detail when it comes to incorporating apoint of sale system. At Pinnacle, we are acutely aware of these intricacies, and have developed special software forPOSitouch that is intended to help fine dining establishments operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Team service can be created immediately when needed or set up in advance.  Special requests from guests are common at upscale restaurants, so we have incorporated memo fields where these requests can be entered and not printed on the final check. To ensure the highest level of service, you can take advantage of the feature that allows you to take pictures of registered guests, creating familiarity with staff members. Since we are aware that the guest experience is of the utmost importance, we help ensure that food is served at the appropriate times and temperatures with the feature that allows items to be sent to the kitchen based on category or cook time requirements. You may choose to take advantage of the feature that offers appropriate wine suggestions to complement meal selections. Also, menu items can be made on the fly for daily specials with quantity count down. For more information on our POSitouch fine dining solutions, please visit our website.

At Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, we strive to create solutions for every unique type of hospitality business, from sports bars to fine dining. With happy clients all over the state of Florida and Alabama, we are confident that our point of sale systemsolutions will be the key factor to improving your guest’s experience, expediting daily operations and helping management better track inventory and prevent losses with detailed daily reports. To find out more about our products and services, please visit our website or call 1.800.771.7100.