POSitouch Support Service

Imagine a typical Friday night at your nightclub: it is one in the morning and your establishment is filled with customers ordering food and drink with non-stop enthusiasm. Suddenly, your POS system stops working. If you purchased your point of sale equipment from an average POS company, your nightclub would face significant financial damage, from lost revenue due to missed sales and vanished customers as patrons find other venues, which could seriously threaten your profitability. If you chose Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS, you have nothing to fear! Pinnacle’s POSitouch Help Desk Support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to ensure your POS will quickly be back up and running without a hitch!

Pinnacle understands that restaurants, nightclubs, and other hospitality businesses have their busiest hours outside of standard nine-to-five weekday business hours, so any meaningful support must operate within this time frame. That is why Pinnacle’s POSitouch Help Desk Support Service is always available; you can reach our knowledgeable representatives at any time of day or night, even during weekends and holidays. We never use an answering service, so our live support representatives are always available to assist you. Support in Spanish is available from our bi-lingual representatives, to ensure all our customers receive clear, easily understood support instructions. Our trained support representatives employ sophisticated online troubleshooting and diagnosis techniques that enable them to swiftly resolve most problems with just a phone call.

If you require further POS assistance, or an issue arises with a hardware component of your Pinnacle POSitouch POS, a Pinnacle field service support technician is always available to come to your aid. Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS tech support technicians are dispatched from local offices, conveniently located so they can arrive quickly when you need them. Online diagnostic tools allow our technicians in identifying resolving your problem while on site, and each tech carries a full assortment of monitors and hardware to accomplish any needed repairs. Disaster recovery is available within just 48 hours!

Pinnacle offers several technical POS support plans, so you can select the option that best meets your budgetary and support needs. Pinnacle’s comprehensive support plan provides the highest level of protection, followed by our limited 30/10/5 Software Support contract, which provides 24/7 limited software support for up to 10 individual incidents or 5 hours of work within a 30-day period. You have the option to renew upon depletion, or you can receive assistance on any additional issues on an individual basis, with charges accruing at prevailing T&M (Time and Materials) rates. If you choose not to sign up for one of Pinnacle’s service plans, our tech service is still available 24/7/365. Rates for our service plans and service calls are available on request.

Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS is the premiere point of sale solution for the hospitality industry, integrating point of sale software, accounting, and inventory functionality, to create turnkey POS solutions for restaurants, nightclubs, sports bars, and more. When you choose Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS solution, you are getting more than the premiere point of sale solution for the hospitality industry; you are also getting a dedicated team of professionals providing unmatched business consulting, customer service, and accounting resources to ensure your success.

Contact Pinnacle today at 800.771.7100 to discover how profitable your restaurant or bar can be when you have Pinnacle’s POSitouch Help Desk Support Service backing you!