Positouch Table Management

POSitouch offers a variety of options for managing your dining room. POSitouch's basic Table Management functionality includes the ability to view a graphical representation of your dining room in three distinct views. Users may view the dining room by:

  1. Server – see who is assigned to each table
  2. Time – view the amount of time a table has been waiting since ordering drinks, appetizers or entrées. View the amount of time since the check has been printed or since the check was paid. Know exactly how long a table has been at a particular stage in the dining process.
  3. Section – Know which tables are part of which section. Sections are easily changed by day and by meal period. Set up smaller sections for busier periods.

POSitouch includes that ability to add names to a wait list or reservation list for the day. Add call ahead or wait list parties on the fly to keep your dining room management up to date. The POSitouch system allows hosts to record wait times, special requests and also integrates with multiple paging systems to allow hosts to page from within the wait list.

For sites looking for more robust functionality, including online reservations and party management, check out the POSeReserve System here.

Table ManagementTable Management

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