Wireless Solutions


Dinerware Wireless Solutions
Pinnacle is able to offer your hospitality business the most advanced and fully functional wireless solution by integrating the J2 Wave with your Point of Sale Software.


  • Low Acquisition Cost
  • Increase Staff Efficiencies
  • Increased Ordering
  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Reduce Errors in the Order Entry Process
  • Enhance the Customer Experience

These wireless handheld computers can be utilized for:

  • Tableside/Curbside Ordering (Mobile POS)
  • Mobile Manager
  • WPOS (Wireless POS)
  • Wireless Printing
  • Inventory
  • QA / Food Safety
  • Facilities Management

Dinerware Mobile Table Side Ordering
Pinnacle Customers in Casual Dining, Fine Dining, and Cocktail Lounges saw the following improvements after implementing a wireless solution in their businesses:

  • Increased table turn by 40-50%
    • More customers served at peak times
    • Increased security with credit card transactions
  • Increased sales by 10-15%
  • Enhanced customer service
    • Increased customer service; more contact with the customer
  • Increased staff efficiency
    • Prompted for side orders


The J2 Wave is easy to cost justify with its rapid ROI.  Increased productivity and operation efficiencies result in faster customer satisfaction, increasing turnover with better service.

You can mobilize your workforse with a platform for today and tomorrow.  The J2 Wave provides precise features needed to streamline operations and improve productivity.

The J2 Wave is a ruggedized durable solition to withstand drops and the harsh environments of the restaurant.

The “Magic” is in the wireless features. The connectivity features allow wireless printing and payment processing.