Inventory Management


Inventory Management Software
The Inventory Tracking Module allows you to employ accurate data when managing your inventory and purchasing.

  • Eliminate the guesswork - Start controlling your inventory with accurate information on product movement and cost of raw materials
  • Recipe Creation - Track all of the items that are needed to create each menu item, allowing you to manage purchase and usage of those materials
  • Variance Tracking - Compare physical inventory to point of sale usage to determine any issues that need management attention
  • Generate Purchase Orders Automatically - Create purchase orders based on minimum inventory level order points. Purchase order creation allows you to automatically track the items that have been delivered or were backordered quickly and easily.

Special Capabilities:

  • A wireless handheld can be used to take inventory in a one-step process.
  • Invoices can be scanned when entered for archival storage.
  • Purchase Orders can be uploaded to suppliers.
  • Electronic invoices can be accepted.