Restaurant POS Systems

restaurant-pos-software-on-budget-300x199When it comes to running a successful restaurant, there are a hundred things to take into consideration. However, most can be lumped into one category; efficiency. In the restaurant business along with many other industries, wasted time is wasted money so to ensure your restaurant staff is on point with orders, sales and more, it helps to have a new restaurant POS system from Pinnacle Hospitality Systems. A point of sale system is a vital part of any restaurant and can help your establishment increase profits in a number of different ways. Pinnacle is one of the most trusted names in the business thanks to their custom POS systems designed with efficiency in mind.

Restaurant POS Systems are essential for any size restaurant these days as they not only allow for servers to spend more time assisting customers, but they also provide valuable analytics and employee tracking which allow a restaurant managers to see exactly where improvements can be made. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has decades of experience helping restaurants in Florida, Alabama and Ohio reach their full potential thanks to their advanced, but still surprisingly simple to operate restaurant POS systems.

Restaurants are a service industry, meaning that customer satisfaction needs to be a top priority. When servers can input orders, process payments and offer real-time order status updates at the touch of a button, it leaves more time to attend to their real job; providing the best quality customer service possible. Poor service is one of the reasons people give restaurants bad reviews. Everything from slow service to incorrect orders can turn a person off to a restaurant and dissuade them from recommending it to friends and family. Installing a new point of sale system can help keep your customers happy and coming back for more thanks to speedy, accurate ordering and payment processing.

With features such as table management, reporting, and inventory modules, a restaurant manager can use a POS system to make the changes which will help increase profitability. Track table turnover, inventory supplies, menu item popularity and whole lot more with a new restaurant POS system from Pinnacle and watch your profits grow alongside customer satisfaction.

Restaurant POS systems aren’t just a cash register with a touch screen. They provide advanced analytics which restaurant managers and owners can use to make improvements in server efficiency and effectiveness as well as track employee effectiveness, process payroll and make instant changes to orders all without a loss in productivity. Everything is configurable with a restaurant POS system from Pinnacle Hospitality Systems including the system interface, touch screen layout, table placement, server identification and more. Pinnacle’s restaurant POS systems are not one size fits all. They are unique, custom-built software systems designed after taking all aspects of a particular establishment into consideration. Call Pinnacle Hospitality Systems today and get started with your new restaurant POS system.