Mobile POS – Mobile Ordering Restaurant Solutions

positouch-review-300x199Is an outdated ordering solution costing you customers? Empower your customers and become a leader in the mobility movement with Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Mobile POS – Mobile Ordering Restaurant Solutions that allow your customers to place an order directly through their smartphones, pay by credit or gift card, and then share their positive experience on Facebook. An increasing number of today’s consumers use their smartphones or tablets to manage all the details of their lives, and they are seeking restaurants that offer them the same convenience and control. With Pinnacle’s mobile ordering solutions, you can easily increase your revenue and profitability while forging lasting connections with your customers. Bring the future of customer experience to your restaurant today – with one of Pinnacle’s innovative mobile ordering restaurant solutions.

Your Restaurant Brand in Your Customers’ Pockets
With Pinnacle’s state-of-the-art restaurant online ordering system, your customers see your restaurant’s recognizable presence when they pull their phone out of their pocket. We extend the unified look that makes your restaurant and website instantly recognizable, carrying your branding onto your online ordering solution. By combining easy-to-use navigation features with your logo, colors, and menu, we create a custom branded ordering solution that combines with your website to present a cohesive online presence instantly accessible through your customers’ mobile devices.

Payment Acceptance Makes Mobile Transactions a Breeze
Quick, convenient, and easy – with Pinnacle’s mobile POS solution, your customers can place their order and pay for it online, simply popping into your restaurant to pick up their order and go. Customers can use the payment method of their choice, since Pinnacle’s fast, secure, and super convenient payment system accepts credit, debit, and gift cards.

Customizable Pickup and Delivery Times at Your Customers’ Convenience
Customers can plan ahead and schedule their pickup or delivery time at their convenience. Whether they are out shopping at the mall or enjoying a lazy day at the beach, your customers simply use their smartphones to specify a customizable pick up or delivery time. After placing their order days, hours, or minutes earlier, your customers can skip the line for a fast pickup or bypass your restaurant and head directly home, knowing their order will arrive hot and at the specified time.

Powerful Management Tools Keep You Up-to-Date
Effortlessly stay on top of your online business with Pinnacle’s restaurant POS ordering solution, which lets you check orders and access reports on web activity directly on your smartphone. You can update your menu at any time, using versatile menu features that make it easy to change prices, manage categories, and set delivery and take-out parameters. An unlimited number of menu items are available, giving you the freedom to offer a profusion of pizza toppings or different lunch, dinner, and catering menus.

Built-in Marketing Features Maximize Your Online Presence
The automated customer loyalty program included in Pinnacle’s mobile POS ordering solution allows you to effortlessly expand your online presence and increase sales. All the work is done for you; email blasts are automatically sent welcoming new members, notifying customers of daily specials, and offering rewards and coupons that will entice customers to return in record time!

Whether you choose Pinnacle’s Dinerware Online Ordering solution or Pinnacle’s POSitouch Mobile Restaurant Ordering Solution, our experienced representatives will assist you through the entire process, helping you to set up your menu and ensuring an effortless implementation of your point of sale online ordering system. Contact Pinnacle today at 800-771-7100 so you can start enjoying the benefits our innovative mobile ordering restaurant solutions have to offer!