Integrated POS Solutions

Vantiv Integrated Payments technology can integrate with your Point of Sale System to allow you to integrate with the MPS processing platform

Features includes:

  • 2-3 second Internet protocol or dial-up transactions
  • FREE technical support
  • Real-time transaction reports
  • Much More!

NoLoadT Datacap Products

  • Allows fully-integrated processing for electronic cash registers.
  • A quick, simple solution for Internet protocol (IP), dial-up, or IP with dial backup payment processing

Stand-Alone Payment Terminals

  • An ideal solution for merchants who do not have a Point Of Sale or Electronic Cash Register system
  • Transactions are sent directly to Mercury

Datacap's Dial Backup BridgeT

  1. Backup functionality automatically switches over to dial processing if the internet connectivity is lost
  2. Includes cost efficient dial processing which can easily be changed over to a high-speed connection if the service is obtained

Datacap's Dial Backup Bridge can support credit, debit, PIN debit, EBT food stamps, check authorization, and gift transactions if the point of sale system includes the capability.

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